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Equipment, Furniture, and Pre-Function Space

5.1 Carts and Dollies

Carts for move-in, show, and/or movement of any materials are not provided. Carts may be rented from an outside contractor or brought onsite by clients, but are prohibited on carpeted areas.

5.2 Equipment Rates

Clients are required to pay the prevailing rate in effect at the time of the event for all services and equipment unless contracted otherwise. Services and equipment may include, but is not limited to, chairs, tables, staging/risers, linens, other equipment, utility services, technical services, security, parking and catering services. Austin Convention Center equipment must be set up and operated by authorized personnel only. Labor fees may apply to the first room set if room specifications (including set-up times and equipment needs) are not received within five (5) days of the first contracted day of the event. Changes made within five (5) days of the first contracted day of the event are subject to labor and equipment fees at the standard rate. A request to add or delete equipment (a reset) or a request for a change (a changeover) to the first room set is subject to labor and/or equipment fees. Equipment and labor rates are set each year and take effect on October 1st.

Equipment Service Rates (Oct 2017)

5.3 Inventory

Equipment is maintained to accommodate simultaneous events. Clients are responsible to obtain and provide labor to set up and dismantle equipment beyond the inventory of the Austin Convention Center. It is important to provide your Event Coordinator or Sales Representative with all the event information and equipment needs as soon as possible to ensure the facility has the necessary items for your event.

5.4 Pre-Function and Lobby Areas

Pre-function or lobby areas are considered facility common areas and may not be leased for event use. These areas are used to support business operations for Austin Convention Center events, which includes space for pedestrian traffic, registration, ticket sales, and in-house catering operations. Furniture located throughout these areas is not allowed to be moved. All other event activities must be held within the contracted space. Pre-function or lobby areas, side doors, escalators, and passenger elevators are not to be used for move-in or move-out purposes. Detailed floor plans are required and must be approved before use of pre-function or lobby areas.

5.5 Registration Area

Designated registration areas in the pre-function and lobby are provided on a complimentary basis and do not include equipment, utility, and technology services. In order to provide safe access to the facility, registration areas, entrance units and other show specific displays may only be installed in approved areas.

5.6 Stages and Risers

A. Austin Convention Center Staging

  1. All performance stages and risers 32” or higher and not positioned with the rear of the stage or riser against a wall must be equipped with a safety railing.
  2. Americans Disability Act (ADA) lift is available upon request.

B. Third-Party Vendor Staging

  1. A permit may be required for engineered/manufactured stage equipment when provided by a third-party contractor. P1. ermit may be required for multi-level stages or stages bearing a significant live load (i.e., more than 10 people).
  2. If you have an outside vendor providing staging, contact your Event Coordinator no later than 60 days before your first contract date.