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Fire Department Regulations

12.1 Compressed Gases and Flammable Liquids

The use, display, or storage of compressed gasses, flammable liquids, or dangerous chemicals is prohibited. Maximum cylinder size is less than one pound (< 1 lb.) for each appliance. Storage of additional cylinders is not allowed inside the facility. All Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders must be removed from trailers and mobile homes. If the cylinder is permanently installed in a vehicle for display, the cylinder must be completely empty.

12.2 Storage of Compressed Gas Cylinders

All fuel storage tanks/cylinders used must meet applicable federal, state, and local fuel storage requirements. This includes storage of all Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders in secured, well-ventilated cages outside of the facility.

LPG gas cylinders

LPG gas cages

12.3 Hazardous Chemicals and Materials

Hazardous chemicals and materials are not permitted in the facility without prior written approval. Toxic or hazardous materials are subject to immediate removal if the required information is not received and AFD Fire Marshal instructions are not followed. Clients are responsible for costs associated with safe handling of materials, including insurance. Exhibitors or clients must have immediate access to SDS sheets for all chemicals brought into the facility.

12.4 Crate Storage

Limited crate storage is provided and confined to the area authorized by the AFD Fire Marshal. Crate storage is not allowed in the exhibit halls, meeting rooms, ballrooms, public lobby or carpeted areas, including service corridors. Crate Storage in the service yard must adhere to the following guidelines:

12.5 Exits

For your safety, exit doors may not be obstructed, locked, blocked, or held open, except by an approved smoke detection closing device. Items may not be placed within fifteen feet (15’) of a means of ingress or egress doorway. Exit signs may not be obstructed from view by booth, decorations or any other object or hanging materials.

12.6 Fire Regulations

Clients, service contractors and exhibitors must comply with all federal, state and municipal fire codes that apply to a place of public assembly, as well as Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations:

Approval in advance is required for multi-level exhibits, single-level exhibits with an enclosed/covered ceiling, vehicles, boats, and similar exhibited products having a roof area of over four hundred square feet (400 sq. ft.). For details, please review Section 8: Exhibits.

Any exhibit containing a roofed area of three hundred square feet (300 sq. ft.) or more requires a fire extinguisher to be displayed at such exhibit.

12.7 Floor Plans and Exhibits

Exhibit booths or displays may not block access to fire equipment. A display or an exhibit must not be installed or operated as to interfere with access to, egress from, or with the visibility of any required exit or exit sign.

12.8 Pyrotechnics

Events that have pyrotechnics in their planning or production must submit a request for approval sixty (60) days prior to the first contracted date. Any use of pyrotechnics should comply with NFPA-1126, federal, state, and local regulations and industry best practices.

12.9 Smoking

Austin Convention Center is a smoke-free facility. Smoking is allowed in the following designated areas only:

12.10 Vehicles

All vehicles, boats and equipment containing fuel must meet and comply with the following requirements before entry into the facility:

12.11 Construction and Welding in the Facility