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Permits and Licenses

Special permits are required for event activities such as exhibits involving cooking, pyrotechnics, tents, multi-level or covered exhibits and/or other potentially hazardous situations. Each situation must be individually approved by the Palmer Events Center Event and/or Security & Safety Coordinator, Fire Marshal, and/or the appropriate regulatory agency.

Clients and/or exhibitors are responsible for acquiring and paying the costs of any and all licenses, permits and taxes required by authorities having jurisdiction over Public Assembly Convention Facilities.

23.1 Food and Beverage Sampling

Food and Beverage services are exclusive by ACCD Catering. No outside food and/or beverages are permitted on premise. In some cases, an exception may be made for sampling. “Sampling” is defined as an exhibiting company (booth exhibitor) that wishes to distribute small portions of food and/or beverage from their booth.

To begin your sampling process, fill out the following form and attain the following permit:

Steps on obtaining a Food or Beverage permit:

  1. Individual exhibiting companies may not apply for the permits.
  2. Clients need to submit an application here for a Temporary Food Service - Permit to Operate for every booth that is sampling. [Link includes Permit to Operate and How to Set-up a Temporary Food Booth information.]
  3. Clients will need to collect the information from the sampling exhibitors and submit for the permit on behalf of the exhibiting companies.
  4. Additionally, clients must physically go to the Health Department offices and pay for/pick up the permits.
  5. The permits must be given to the exhibiting companies’ onsite so they may be displayed at their booth.
  6. At any time the policies, requirements and application process may be changed without notice, per the City of Austin / Travis County Health Department.
  7. Clients are responsible to communicate and confirm the approval and execution of all Temporary Permits within their contracted space.

23.2 Street/Right of Way Closures

The City of Austin Transportation Department must be contacted to obtain any street closure. Fees may apply. Proof of acquired permit must be provided to the assigned Sales Manager and Event Coordinator.

Steps to acquiring a Right of Way permit:

  1. Register as a first time user here.
  2. Check your email to confirm registration and click on the link provided.
  3. Link will take you to a page to confirm your email address, security question, and password.
  4. You’ll receive a second email: Confirm and log-in using that new password/username.
  5. Click on ‘Apply for Right of Way Permits’ on the left side of the screen.
  6. ‘Select Application Type’ as Right of Way. Follow steps.
  7. Include insurance and bond information for all Temporary Use of Right of Way permits under
  8. Here’s a guide on how to apply for a Right of Way permit. Begin on page 38.

Things to know: