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Facility Security, Event Security, and Public Safety

Austin Convention Center reserves the exclusive right for itself, or through its designated contractors, to provide all security personnel, emergency medical technicians, and certified Texas Licensed Peace Officers (LPOs) for clients at the prevailing rate. Download the Security and Safety Guide services rate sheet. [Hyperlink to “client Security and Safety Guide”]

28.1 Facility Security

Procedures for handling emergency situations at Austin Convention Center have been established to minimize injuries and property damage. The Security Operations Center monitors all building emergency systems twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week.

In the event of an emergency, the Security and Safety Division will activate a command post at a desired location. The command post simulates the Incident Command model for the management of significant emergency incidents. The Incident Commander (IC) is designed to oversee, manage, and make informed decisions in an emergency. The IC directs Austin Convention Center personnel and acts as a liaison between local law enforcement, fire service, emergency medical services, and civil defense.

A department Incident Commander (IC) is always available and identified based on immediate availability. An IC may initially be the highest-ranking security manager, supervisor, or lead on duty. The IC is subject to change during an emergency. The assigned Event Coordinator will keep clients apprised of the emergency and provide updates as the emergency is resolved.

Emergency Procedures:

Austin Convention Center has evacuation and emergency plans. During your initial visit, or contact via email, your Security Coordinator will provide you with the facilities client Security and Safety Guide. The guide provides essential information regarding Facility Evacuation or Lockdown, Medical Emergency, Power Outage, Weather, and Hazardous Material response. Please take the time to familiarize yourself, your staff, volunteers, exhibitors, and contractors with the security and safety procedures. [Hyperlink to “client Security and Safety Guide”]

Facility Access:

All event personnel, including the employees of service contractors, must check-in with Austin Convention Center security upon entering the facility. A daily credential will be issued to all event personnel on-site and they should wear the credential until they depart for the day. All event personnel and service contractors are to enter through the following service yard entrances:

For Austin Convention Center: Direct link to Google Maps (Address: 200 or 250 Red River)

Restricted areas of the facility labeled “Authorized Personnel Only”, “Restricted Access”, or “Client Access Only” are off limits to all persons except those authorized by clients, staff, and Event Coordinator. Questions regarding access to restricted leased areas of an event will be addressed through the Event Coordinator.

Access to the facility for move-in/set-up, show and move-out/teardown is allowed on the date(s) and time(s) listed in the facility rental contract under paragraph 1, “Licensed Premises”.

Children (under 17 years of age) are prohibited from being in the exhibit halls, dock areas, service corridors, and the service yard during an active move-in or out. Clients may contact the Event Coordinator in advance to sign and agree to the terms included in the “Child Waiver/Liability Release” form, which may be found here. [Hyperlink to “client Security and Safety Guide”]

Keys and Lock Changes

Keys are not available for exhibit hall doors and ballroom doors. A fee will be assessed for each key checked out and not returned. Under no circumstances are keys to be duplicated.

A charge will be assessed for lock changes or interchangeable core locks.

Proximity access cards issued to a client are considered “Keys”. All above conditions noted above apply to proximity access cards. [Hyperlink to “Equipment and Service Rates”]

All key and proximity access card orders will be ordered through your assigned Event Coordinator.

Lost and Found

Efforts will be made to return found property to its rightful owner and seek to locate reported lost property from attendees at Austin Convention Center. Both facilities will follow departmental policy and procedures in managing the documentation, storage, return, and/or disposal of unclaimed personal property. Attendees or clients may inquire about found and/or lost property reports for Austin Convention Center by calling Security Operations Control at (512) 404-4111.

Abandoned Property

Austin Convention Center reserves the right to collect and take custody of articles, exhibits, fixtures, materials, displays, crates, propane tanks, or other personal property left in the facility or parking lots of the Austin Convention Center if not claimed within forty-eight (48) hours following the last contract day. Austin Convention Center is not liable for any loss of or damage to property left on the facility premises. In accordance with the terms of the contract, the disposition charges will be invoiced to the client.

License to Carry on Austin Convention Center

It is the policy of Austin Convention Center to allow clients who lease space to generally control access to the space, including any decision to allow or prohibit lawfully carried handguns in the leased space, during the time of the leasehold. Clients will notify their assigned Security Coordinator of their decision to allow or prohibit lawfully carried weapons. Austin Convention Center will place signage for this purpose. The “All-Weapons Free or Lawful Carried Weapons Permitted” form may be found in the following hyperlink. [Hyperlink to “client Security and Safety Guide”]

28.2 Event Security

Event security is an exclusive service provided at the Austin Convention Center.

Clients are responsible for security and safety personnel as required to secure leased premises, public areas used for display, registration, and possibly the parking garage during the full time of their contracted dates and times. Austin Convention Center Security Coordinator will determine the event security staffing levels for each day of your event. A four (4) hour minimum is required for all event security staffing shifts.

A minimum level of event security and Licensed Peace Officer (LPO) staffing is required during move-in, show hours, and move-out. Special events, such as, but not limited to: concerts, galas, dances, and sporting events will require a more detailed event security staffing plan. The event security staffing plan will be coordinated by the assigned Security Coordinator.

In all cases, event security staffing must have enough personnel to execute the emergency plans developed by the Facilities Security and Safety Division for your show. Relief security staff are required to ensure complete coverage and to ensure other event security guards are given time for breaks and meals.

Abusive language, disruptive music, threats, assault, vandalism, theft, and other conduct detrimental to the successful staging of an event are grounds for immediate removal from the premises or arrest, depending on the nature of the offense. Solicitation is prohibited.

Exhibitor Booth Security

Exhibitors who wish to hire additional event security staff for exhibit booths may do so by filling out the “ACCD Exhibitor Booth Security Order Form” located on the following hyperlink. Please return the form to your assigned Security Coordinator. [Hyperlink to “client Security and Safety Guide”]

Event Costume Policy

Costumes are allowed on the property of Austin Convention Center as part of a scheduled event or in support of facility operations. Using reasonable discretion, the director will make the final determination on the appropriateness of costumes allowed.

No costume may be worn in its manner or design displays nudity that would be deemed illegal or offensive. No costume that resembles or imitates law enforcement, military personnel, or any other government public safety entity will include a mask that covers the individual’s face.

Prop Costume Weapons

All prop costume weapons will be inspected upon entry to the facility. Cosplay weapons checks will be performed by department staff and a Licensed Police Officer. For multi-day events, cosplay prop costume weapons should be inspected each show day.

Weapons Sales

Exhibitors and vendors who sell weapons at their booths, within the event expo, should establish a “Sell and Pick-up Plan” for the sold weapon or item. Exhibitors and vendors should complete the sale of the weapon, re-box the item(s), and tape it sealed shut. The “Sell and Pick-up Plan” initiative is to provide the sold item to the buyer at the end of the show day when the expo closes, or when the buyer agrees to depart the facility for the day. Steel swords/sabers, hatchets, air guns, arrows/quivers, knives, and throwing stars sold on the expo floor are considered real weapons.

Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in removal of the attendee or exhibitor from the Austin Convention Center.

Liquid, Gas, and Electric Fueled Vehicles/Boats/RV’s and Equipment for Display

In accordance with 2015 International Fire Code Section 314.4, all vehicles, boats, RV’s, and equipment which generate power by the use of a liquid, gas, or electricity must be inspected prior to entering the facility. Please refer to the “Requirements for Fueled Display Vehicles/Boats/RV’s, and Equipment” located on the following hyperlink. [Hyperlink to “client Security and Safety Guide”]

28.3 Public Safety

Armed Security - Texas Licensed Police Officers (LPOs)

Austin Convention Center has the exclusive right to hire Texas Licensed Peace Officers (LPOs), train, and equip them with the necessary information to provide continuous public safety for the facilities, clients, and attendees. LPOs may be required for traffic management at both facilities to include and not limited to service yards, circle drives, parking facilities, and private drives. LPOs are also exclusive to VIP escorts, Executive Protection Teams, cosplay weapons checks, and other scenarios where police officers are needed. A four (4) hour minimum is required for their services. Please contact your assigned Security Coordinator to schedule LPOs. Security Services & Rates Sheet

Emergency Medical Technician(s)

At the Austin Convention Center, the safety and well-being of guests is very important. Therefore, we ask clients to prepare for potential medical emergencies. Depending on the size and type of event, emergency medical technician(s) (EMTs) may be suitable and/or required to be on-site during move-in/move-out or during show hours. EMTs are scheduled for hire through your assigned Security Coordinator based on the prevailing rate.