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Preventable Facility Damage

24.1 Damage to the Facility

Clients must return the facility to the condition in which it was received. Clients are responsible for any and all damages caused by the client or client’s employees, subcontractors, exhibitors, or attendees at the Austin Convention Center. Costs for damages to the facility or clean-up of the facility will be billed directly to the client. In order to avoid damage charges, please review the following regulations:

24.2 Equipment or Material Movement

Clients and the General Service Contractor are responsible for the transport of crates and boxes to and from the licensed premises. Austin Convention Center personnel are not allowed to move freight, including, but not limited to, crates, boxes and pallets for the client or any exhibitor.

24.3 Tape Adhesive-Backed Material and Removal

Use of tape or adhesive products, nails, tacks, pins, etc. on any surface or equipment within the facility is not allowed.

The use of high residue tape is prohibited on carpeted and uncarpeted areas. Use of low residue carpet tape is approved for use within the Austin Convention Center and Palmer Events Center.

Clients or subcontractors (including General Service Contractors) are responsible for removing all tape from concrete or carpeted floors. The cost to remove tape or tape residue, repair any damage caused to the surface from inappropriate use of cleaning chemicals or tools will be charged directly to the client.