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Recycling and Trash Removal

Austin Convention Center places multi-compartment waste bins throughout the facility labeled compost, landfill, and recycle. Any contaminated material is placed in the waste compactor by facility staff.

25.1 Recycling

The Austin Convention Center exceed the City of Austin’s recycling program. Austin Convention Center recycles paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, glass bottles, aluminum and various metals.

Material disposal should be handled as follows:

Corrugated cardboard – a separate baler is dedicated for corrugated cardboard only. Cardboard must be flattened by General Service Contractor personnel. If Austin Convention Center labor is used to flatten materials, clients will be assessed labor charges at the prevailing rate.

The General Service Contractor personnel must not place any material in the cardboard baler. Austin Convention Center staff will place items in the baler and operate it. Large bins will be provided to the General Service Contractor in order to discard all cardboard, recycle, and landfill materials. Austin Convention Center staff will empty the bins containing cardboard and recycle items and place them back in the exhibit halls. All landfill waste collected during move-in/move-out must be removed by the General Service Contractor and placed in their designated open top dumpsters. All other contents including, but not limited to: wooden materials, wooden pallets, cement block, padding or hazardous materials should not be placed in the bins.

25.2 Trash and Waste Removal

The Austin Convention Center staff will empty its own trash containers placed throughout both facilities.

Clients are responsible for the removal of bulk trash in the meeting rooms, ballrooms, exhibit halls and pre-function space such as registration areas and show office areas during move-in, show and move-out. Bulk trash is deemed as crates, lumber, pallets, packing materials, and any other excessive trash not easily removed by a standard push broom or vacuum. Clients will assess labor charges at the prevailing rate for the removal of bulk trash.

All Austin Convention Center waste compactors will be locked and only accessible by our staff. Carpet tubes must be cut no longer than two feet (2’) in length to be disposed of in the compost compactor or the cardboard baler.

Clean-up of special effect items will be charged to clients at the prevailing rate.

Carpet removal is the sole responsibility of the General Service Contractor and all carpet should be removed off-site by the end of the last contract date.

An open top dumpster is required for all non-recyclable goods. Your Event Coordinator will be responsible for determining the number of open top dumpsters required based on the size of your event. The General Service Contractor is responsible for scheduling the delivery and removal of open top dumpsters.