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Signage and Decorations

30.1 Digital Signage

Four Winds Interactive system is utilized to manage digital content for all our digital signage. There is 1 marquee, 3 large displays, 17 overhead displays, and 42 meeting room signs. Submissions for digital signage should be delivered at least two weeks prior to your first contract day to avoid technical labor charges. Visit our Technology page to view the Digital Signage section for specifications or email for any questions.

30.2 Marquee

Austin Convention Center manages the messages displayed on the marquee, the date the message will appear, as well as, the facility’s information line. Clients are required to submit event information for approval and display. The marquee is not available for advertising purposes.

30.3 Outside Areas and Displays

Outside exhibits are considered on a case by case basis and will be based on other show activity in the facility and/or type of exhibit. Clients may not place exhibits outside the facility without prior approval.

30.4 Signs, Window Clings and Carpet Adhesive Graphics

The Austin Convention Center strives to accommodate requests to promote events with interior signs, banners and other forms of promotional advertisement, including exhibitor’s requests for signage above booth areas. The following guidelines are designed to protect the interest of all users of the facility and maintain an appropriate building environment. Generally, these guidelines do not apply to or installations by individual exhibitors within exhibit booths.

30.5 Balloons

Helium balloons are not recommended and require prior written approval through your Event Coordinator. Charges to retrieve helium balloons are billed to clients at the prevailing rate. Helium Tanks must be secured to safety cart or permanent object in upright position with valve safety covers in place except when in use.

30.6 Candles

Candles and open flame devices are not permitted.

30.7 Decorations and Decals

Decorations are not provided (such as plants, etc.) for any event at the facility. The service for such may be arranged through the General Service Contractor or another subcontractor of the client. Cost to repair damage resulting from the improper or unauthorized installation of materials will be charged to clients.

30.8 Fog and Smoke Machines

Fog and smoke machines, as well as the schedule for use of such, require advance approval. Any “fogging” or “hazing” has the potential to activate one of the many types of fire detection devices in the facility. Therefore, at least sixty (60) days advance notice given to your Event Coordinator is required to avoid unwanted disruption to an event. Fog and smoke machine usage is restricted to water-based chemicals. Use of fog or smoke machine(s) will require a re-watch. Such costs are at the client’s expense.