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Move-In and Move-Out

Access to Austin Convention Center for move-in and move-out is allowed on the date(s) and time(s) listed on the contract under “Licensed Premises”.

During move-in and move-out hours of exhibits, a minimum of three (3) Austin Convention Center Event Security Staff and one (1) Licensed Peace Officer are required to manage the service yard. Move-in or move-out may not commence until event staff is in place. The General Service Contractor is required to place at least one (1) representative at the entrance gate to the service yard to issue dock passes for freight waiting to enter the yard and unload at the dock. This person shall work in conjunction with the Austin Convention Center Event Security Staff. All move-in and move-out of exhibit materials must be through the service yard, the designated loading docks, freight elevators and freight doors. The lobby areas, side doors, escalators and passenger elevators are not to be used for this purpose.

Doorways, carpeted areas, and floors must be protected from the movement of crates, registration counters, pallet jacks, plants, sign-hanging activities and all other rolling equipment during move-in and move-out. When off loading counters, booths and other heavy objects, the use of floor protection and extreme care is required. Carpeted areas must be protected by the use of a minimum of six millimeter (6mm) polyethylene sheeting (reinforced preferred). If using any aerial lifts properly, wheel covers should be used; however, wrapped plastic is not permitted. For heavy objects and powered lift equipment, temporary carpet or plywood on top of reinforced polyethylene sheeting must be used.

Driving into the exhibit halls for loading and unloading is restricted without approval.

Forklifts, truck trailers, liquid propane/petroleum gas cages, or any other General Service Contractor’s materials/equipment are not to be stored in the facility or left on the premises outside of the dates and times listed under “Licensed Premises” of your contract.